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Currently, the Cryobaster ATX20 is the most gentle blasting machine on the market.

Thanks to its built-in dry ice crushing system  (1/64- 1/8 inch 0,4 - 3 mm) and its capacity to use compressed air with a pressure as low as 7,23 psi (0,5 bar) (usable compressed air ranges between 7,23 - 145,1 psi/0,5 -10 bar), it is perfectly suited for the care of technical and delicate surfaces.

Ideal for the cleaning of electrical cabinets, electronic boards, plastic moulds and many more.


1. Most Gentle Blasting Machine of its Category

Size of the ice particles: 1/64 - 1/8 inch (0,4 - 3 mm)

Usable compressed air pressure: 7,23 - 145,1 psi (0,5 -      10 bar)


2. Easy to Use and Intuitive Controls

Thanks to its electronic assistant (digital screen and adjustment knob), you can quickly set up pressure of compressed air and feed rate of ice particles.

3. Energy Efficient

Its compressed air consumption is as low as 200 l/min - 1000 l/min. You can plug it into all types of compressed air networks using existing quick connects (plastic industry, laboratories…)

4. Reliable and Durable

Made in Germany

5. Uses Most Available Dry Ice Form

The Blaster ATX20 only needs dry ice pellets, which in a 1/8 form are available in 100% of dry ice suppliers.

Examples of work with the ATX20 (including but not limited to):

The cleaning of technical surfaces is made very easy with the ATX20.



GUN with LED lights (4)

Adjustable dry ice crushing: 1/64 - 1/8 inch - 0,4 - 3,5 mm

3 nozzles: S, XL and flat (3)

ATX20 includes a digital
control screen (2) - to adjust
the compressed air pressure and the dry ice consumption.

1 year warranty

“ATX20… Dry ice Blasting Machine  Especially Designed for delicate Work”

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Especially Designed for Delicate Precision Work. Thanks to its buit-in patented dry ice crushing system (1), the ATX20 removes stubborn contaminants with extreme gentleness on delicate surfaces.

>> Price and brochure PDF

>> Price and brochure PDF