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The CRYOBLASTER ATX30 combines the power of a high performance dry ice blaster with the affordability and ease-of-use.

Especially designed for use in industries where frequent thorough cleanings are necessary: plastic industry mold, optimum hygiene standards (food industry)…

The ATX30 is a powerful, robust and compact cleaning tool, able to work from 3 to 15 bar.

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(3) Specially designed for industrial cleaning

Price and Efficiency at it’s Best!


The air supply design of the ATX30, is 1” diameter (from the inlet to the supersonic nozzle), offering you a high performance of cleaning and reducing the consumption of the dry ice.

With the ATX30 you save 30 to 40 % of dry ice per hour, for the same work in comparison on several competitive units.

ATX30: robust (stainless steel design), performance (air supply full 1” diameter until the supersonic nozzle), fully pneumatic…

3 - 15 bar / 43 - 218 psi

5 - 75 kg/h / 11 - 165 lb


1,1/12,0 m3 - maxi 420 cfm

30 kg

5 meters
no - optional
Stainless Steel
72 x 57 x 113
80 kg

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